How to find places to ride?

So, just got my mountain board last week and have only been out on it once. Found a nice, open grassy hill and I went down it a couple of times. After briefly consulting my phone I found I was turning wrong, fixed it, and things seemed pretty good. However, spending a minute or so climbing the hill just 20s going down it started to feel a bit slow so I headed over to a nearby park and that’s where I had a problem

Everything either seems way too steep to ride or too flat to keep any momentum on. How do people find places to ride? It felt like I was just carrying my board around.

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West Australia

Just wondering if there are any other west Australian mountain boarders out there, and where you ride?

I am based near Rockingham and board on a local hill and have been to Langford mountain bike park once, but do intend to explore some of more of the trails out there.

I have a blog…
And regularly post on Vimeo (just ordered a new Gopro HD Hero+ Silver)…

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