QR tattoo

How cool would it be to have the QR code for your website tattoo’d on your arm. Imagine going for a digital marketing job interview, rolling up your sleeve and saying, ‘Yeah, that’s how into digital marketing I am!’


Working on my first Kindle publication, a series of interviews, one for each of the eighteen chapter. It’s a bit of an experiment both the building of it and using it as a marketing tool, so we’ll see how it goes, but hopefully it’ll be published in time for Christmas for all those people who get Kindles in their stockings.


Facebook is rolling out its timeline for profiles to its regular users (even though developers have had it a while). One of the interesting ideas about the timeline is that you can add content way back down the line before facebook even existed. Could it be pushed a step further? Could your timeline split at you birth and create a family tree from before the internet even existed, all with old photos and important dates and locations.

Mac App

Heard McDonalds radio advert for their new ‘find a macdonalds’ iphone app. Interesting that ‘new media’ is being promoted via ‘traditional media’. Websites like ancestory.co.uk and ebay.co.uk advertise on TV too. The barrier between the old and the new is falling away with marketers using every platform available to them.


Started using an online website wireframing service called mockingbird for laying out websites. It’s really handy for multiple level page layouts and great for collaborating as changing things on paper is time consuming and messy.